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'To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.'

Are you new to yoga or already an experienced student? Are you looking for pregnancy yoga or a post natal course?

Sansara Yoga specializes in Pregnancy Yoga, Birth preparation and post natal care. Our general classes give women the opportunity to find more balance, increase vitality and improve flexibility by stimulating our natural energy flow in the 12 key meridians.

Our yoga style respects the principles of Hatha yoya and the purifying yang flow of Ghatastha Yoga. Enjoy our classes, including elements of Yin Yoga, where we target not only the deeper tissues and fascia in the body but also introduce the meditative aspect in a yoga practise. Vinyasa flow improves circulation and invigorates heat (yang energy) in the body. This increases blood flow in the muscles, improves and strengthens muscular function and enhances the body’s ability to take in the use oxygen. The yin element targets the deeper tissues and stretches the fascia, where the body meridians flow.

Ina holds the Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy and Oriental Medicine and integrates Chinese Medicine in her teachings. Learn how poses affect the meridians and assist you to the improve your overall vitality. Props and bolsters are used in the yin form to support your physical structure in the poses. The restorative yin poses nourish the joints and stimulate the mind. Let yourself be guided by our experienced yoga teachers through beginner and more advanced poses and store your energy through breath work and meditation.

Each session runs at a maximum of 10 participants. Learn the ancient technique called Yoga Nidra to fully relax your body. Our guided mindfullness meditations promote self-discovery, distresses and realigns you back in your life.

What are the benefits of a yoga practise?

A regular practise purifies he body and therefore has plenty of health benefits. It balances emotions and creates a healthy mind. Breathing techniques assist you to relax.

Often it is the intensity of our attachment to what we value, that interrupts flow and causes discomfort. Learning to live a life based on the yoga philosophy will bring you more depth, meaning and connection. Only when we enter a space of acceptance and gratitude for every moment, independent of its quality, we create a peaceful environment. This process of purification and transformation can be achieved by following a consistent yoga sadhana.

"I encourage students to develop a regularly yoga practice, even when this means just one pose a day. Expand your practice off the mat to your whole life. Not everyone can or should bend into a pretzel, but everyone can practise mindfulness. And we all benefit from this peaceful loving space." (Ina Becker, owner of Sansara Yoga, accredited yoga teacher and Shiatsu Therapist)

Be the change that you wish to see in this world. - Ghandi

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